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Medical Appointments

We take you to and from your medical visits safely and on time.

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We ensure your comfort before and after your dialysis sessions.

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Medicine Pickup

We pick up your medications and deliver them to your door.

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We offer more NEMT services to cater to all your needs.

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Who we are ALT Transportation Services LLC

At ALT Transportation Services LLC, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We offer a wide range of non-emergency medical transportation services to ensure that we can cater to all your needs. With our medically equipped vehicles and highly trained staff, we make sure that you get to your destination safely while keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout the trip. Experience the smoothest and the most relaxing NEMT ride only with ALT Transportation Services LLC!

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

We are committed to taking our clients to their destination safely and on time. We provide our clients with affordable pricing and convenient transportation to and from their homes or desired destination with our competent, courteous drivers. We take pride in their ride, and we will always be by their side when they ride with us.

About Us
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